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Why Choose Us?

Your Air Duct Cleaning Service Specialists

Our caring process:

  1. Our Technician arrives and performs a pre cleaning inspection and answers any questions or concerns you may have.

  2. We utilize floor mats and corner guards to protect floor and walls.

  3. We create access points in the supply and return duct work to hook up are state of the art truck mount vacuum to create negative air (suction) through out your duct work and to insert are various cleaning tools.  

  4. We cover and block your vents to create maximum suction to each vent we are working on which ensures true proper cleaning.

  5. We vacuum and remove and any large debris from your vents. Next, we use high powered compressed air tools to clean all your vents which allows deep cleaning of debris that have built up and caked on in your vents.

  6. We thoroughly clean supply/return trunk with various agitation tool and techniques

  7. Air pressure clean furnace base

  8. Inspect ac evaporator coil and furnace blower

  9. Sanitize and disinfect ductwork, using all-natural Benefect

  10. Properly seal and plug all access points.

  11. Clean work area and pack up equipment

  12.  We review everything we’ve done and provide tips and feedback on how to maintain your HVAC system because we know our customers care about value.  

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